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Almanaal company began operations as a regional specialized in exploration and production of oil and gas sector in the United Arab Emirates since almost twenty years, where began its activities early nineties, and was the first independent regional oil company wholly owned to the private sector in the Middle East, is active in the acquisition of privileges exploration and development of petroleum, and the production and sale of crude oil, petroleum products and natural gas. The company based in the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates-based, also has widespread international offices in strategic locations in the United Kingdom and Oman, and branch offices in both Iraq and Egypt

Who We Are ?

The roots reach oil company to Potts global company for oil and gas, is owned by the company's wholly-oil Almanaal, and that got the franchise exploration of the Government of Dubai in 1996, it resulted in Mubarak offshore field was discovered in Dubai early nineties, and in the mid-nineties was established elusive oil group assets, to begin to prove a strong presence at the international level

She continued oil almanaal poll opportunities in the oil and gas sectors to culminate in its efforts to obtain a number of oil exploration concessions in the various regions of the world. With the end of the nineties the company has expanded privileges to include areas in Argentina, Canada, Yugoslavia, France, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and followed Company expansion to succeed during the mid-nineties of the last century to add exploration concessions in Egypt, Pakistan and Yemen to the list of international activities.

The investment opportunities in the energy sector in the Middle East, particularly the Gulf region, the focus of the company's interest at the moment, is also looking forward carefully and interest to take advantage of favorable opportunities in all of North Africa, the Caspian Sea and the South Asian region, this concern which shares along with the date of the company's long history and experience in international operations in a strong dedication to the company's oil almanaal a presence on the international level as one of the prominent names in the business areas of the region. Success in this business and this region does not depend on just the technical, commercial and financial adequate, but requires extensive knowledge and deep understanding of cultural and social environment that will be the light of which the Department of Labour, as network and strong relationships established by the elusive oil in the region and the world in the provision of additional feature that helps to complete contribute transactions successfully.

The activities related to utilization of gas reserves in the region, development and marketing of special interest in long-term plans pursued by Almanaal Petroleum for the development of its business, where the company has been proactive in playing this role by implementing the first two decades to extend the pipe cross-border lines, in an area of ​​the world is considered the richest oil resources and gas, which contains 40% of the world gas reserves. With the record high seen in oil prices, intervention gas trade in the Gulf region an important stage of rapid growth, especially with the boom taking place in the growing gas demand in the market to meet the needs of power plants that use gas as fuel her along with the growth of the industry sector various gaseous and escalating pace.

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Al Manaal is uniquely positioned to access current projects in the energy sector in the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia, and to the implementation of these projects, building which is characterized by the company honored the prestigious position of being an independent national company from the private sector, working in the oil fields and gas, and has a profound experience the culture of the region and the climate and the nature of their business dealings, in addition to its holdings of well-established and consistent with the various government agencies relations, and decision makers in the oil and gas industry in all countries of the region's management team. Can be summarized outline in private oil company work fetched the following main elements of the strategy: focus on the development and discovery of existing sectors, with continuing to seek additional concession areas in the Middle East, and North Africa, and South Asia.altusa through making use of findings of the company's arrangements current to facilitate the development of the gas market and expansion in the Middle East, and North Africa, and South Asia, with a permanent commitment to achieving the company's vision to become, with its subsidiaries, the largest private sector company in the market operating in the oil and gas sector and investment in the field of oil pipelines .almcharkh in oil and gas projects, and developed based on the company's strong relationships in the Middle East, and North Africa, and South Asia.


Al Manal Logistics founded the efforts of and under the supervision of a lot of high caliber, and began to practice the activity after it has been granted a legal license in the United Arab Emirates specialized services and logistics, which include customs clearance, transit, shipping and international transport of all types Services in collaboration with other companies as an institution

Al Manal has practiced all branching activities of this area and the services of freight services, customs clearance in all countries, and cooperate elusive for logistics with several major global shipping companies, helping them to connect the Middle East with the world via the international shipping agents
Al Manal working for logistics currently within the cadres and competencies and expertise in the field of international shipping in order to reach the goal of achieving the client process, a shipping service, safety, speed and competitive prices. It is in constant evolution at the local and global levels
Al Manal work of the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with global and local agents of professional shipping companies that cover most parts of the world and this network grow


Al Manal heavy equipment, is the effective portion of the elusive group companies for heavy equipment, which serve the needs of heavy installations since the nineties. And still one of the most traders and suppliers of heavy equipment in recognition throughout the United Arab Emirates.
Industrial Our equipment has proven over the years solidity and effectiveness in performance under difficult working conditions. With a full range of heavy equipment products, the company provides equipment and infrastructure that are manufactured, and serviced and supported by accredited dealers throughout the United Arab Emirates.
Al Manal Provides a range of reach heavy equipment appropriate equipment and the perfect solution for all your needs practical and professional and that any piece of equipment leave the assembly line have to be designated a distinctive, performance, durability and security expected from Al Manal Which has a clear vision for the future and they will carry to its customers and its shareholders more wealth and value with the expansion of the focus on technological innovation, and internal harmony and cooperation.

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